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A unique genealogical service that can combine traditional family trees with DNA testing to help you solve family mysteries, prove family legends and to give you true insight into where you came from. Every family has fantastic myths and legends, and using DNA combined with traditional family trees we can unlock your past and solve family mysteries.

Our services include:

DNA Decoding - Understand and get the most out of your DNA test results

We analyse DNA results, examine matches and compare them to your known family tree to confirm legends, debunk myths and uncover mysteries.

Lost Relatives - We can find people you’ve lost touch with or people you’ve yet to meet

Discover adoptive or unknown parents, reveal family secrets, and create traditional family trees to treasure for generations to come.

Family Trees - We can build a family tree and discover where you really came from

We can provide stand-alone family trees to give you a multi-generational lineage for yourself and younger generations. We can help you with a starter tree, building a complex family history or uncovering unknown branches.

Historical Research - We can create a family story that paints a picture of the life your ancestors would have led

There is a difference between knowing your family tree and knowing your family. We can create an expanded family narrative that goes beyond a lineal pedigree to give you a tale of who your ancestors were, the life they lead and the places they came from. A family story that covers the social, geographical and daily challenges that your ancestors would have faced in their time.


Planning to travel around New Zealand?

If you have an interest in history, we can help you experience and explore the landmarks and places of significant historical interest during your travels.

TimeTravel provides you with regional travel guides so you can visit different areas and learn about their individual history.

You can also follow directly in the footsteps of your ancestors and discover the places and lives that shaped your future by using our personalised travel guides which specifically include places of interest that relate to your own family history.

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My name is Kelly Mason, I am a genetic genealogy professional with 20 years experience in traditional genealogy, which I have combined with my love for interpreting DNA genetics and problem-solving to provide a unique service.

I utilise all major research platforms, which allows me to source documents and find information that would only be available if you spent thousands of dollars.

I have helped many people over the years to locate lost relatives, discover adoptive or unknown parents, reveal family secrets, and create traditional family trees for themselves and their families to treasure for generations to come.

I have a Degree in Law from the University of Auckland, a strong science background and have been a specialised researcher for a number of industries.